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Quick Facts on Billionaires (Tableau)

Updated: May 15, 2021

Here is a link to a dashboard I created in Tableau with an interesting dataset I found on Kaggle. In it I visualize some quick fun facts on the 2756 (legal) billionaires around the world. Here is some examples, the average amount of children they have is 3 but one loving Moscow couple has a happy family of 25 and growing. Over 70% of all billionaires report that they are "self made." The country with the most amount of billionaires is the United States, a proud capitalist nation, and the country with the second most is China, a nation in which the Communist party has been in charge since 1949 and only opened their doors to the global market 4 decades ago. Then in a distant third is India, the reason the U.S and China were excluded from the color map was because the original map that included them had every other nation, even India, nearly the same shade of yellow with only the U.S and China highlighted in red. Billionaires are quite diversified, the top business field they are involved in is real estate with a total of 171 out of 2756 (only 6%).

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