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Casual vs. Hardcore Bikers (R)

Updated: May 15, 2021

This project was made using data provided by google and was part of their Data Analyst Certificate program. In this project I was given data and told to use R to visualize the differences between two different user types. The data given was from a bike sharing company that had "members" who would pay a monthly subscription for use of the bikes and "causals" which included all other users.

An interesting difference found between the two groups was that casuals rode their bike for much longer than subscribers. This leads me to believe that casual users are joy riders while subscribers are commuters.

This visual further confirms my last speculation since members are far more active during the weekdays and casuals are much more active on the weekends.

Here is the R code and csv files I worked with. The files had to be cleaned in R before merging since data was stored slightly differently in each dataset.

Casual Bikers
Download ZIP • 107.53MB

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